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Frequently Asked Questions

A simple fix on the store might be classified as a Shopify small task that can be accomplished within a few hours. With our significant experience, we can ensure effective communication and high-quality implementation. You can look through some common Shopify small task ideas here or submit your own requirements through the contact form.

Implementation of a single small task will take between 24-72 hours. Revisions, errors, and additional changes may take longer than the expected time. When we confirm your project, the turnaround time begins and we will respond to your purchase or task submission within 24 hours.

A simple task might be completed within 48 hours. If your task is a customized one, meaning out of the ordinary, we will evaluate and provide you with the timeline and cost.
After you purchase or submit a task, one of our team members will contact you to confirm your order or to further clarify your requirements. We promise to do our best to perform the task within 48-72 hours. When the task is completed, we will send you an email asking you to review it and provide feedback (as per Terms & Conditions you need to share your feedback within 72 hours). We designate the task as complete after you are completely satisfied.
Yes, absolutely. We recommend you submit the entire worklist at once in a Google document or as a PDF and share the link with us through email. We’ll estimate the time it will take us to complete the tasks, pricing and will contact you as soon as possible.
Every task is valuable to us at Zaczee. We make every effort to ensure that each task is completed to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Regardless of the precautions taken, if you are not satisfied with the completed task done by us, we will issue you a full refund in accordance with our refund policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please check Shopify’s Task refund policy before requesting a refund.
Yes, we collaborate with agencies as well as theme and app developers to meet the needs of our clients.