Improving Your Store Performance/Speed

What will be done for Speed Optimization?

  • Audit of full-speed optimization.
  • Image optimization for easy crawling and indexing.
  • All website assets will be checked and optimized.
  • Removal of any obsolete code in your apps.
  • Converting the video section to an optimized version.
  • Code optimization to save space and increase speed.
  • In Javascript, the halting problem will be solved.
  • Apps that are no longer needed will be removed.
  • Wherever it’s needed, use lazy loading per section.
  • Scripts should be double-checked and deferred as needed.


Reduced load time is dependent on a variety of factors, which includes:

  • Code that is obsolete, unused, or junk (JS and CSS codes).
  • Apps that have a negative impact on the store’s performance.
  • Image quality reduction in high-resolution images.



  • Testing Shopify’s score or Google’s page speed is not done.
  • We cannot guarantee a specific load time, but we will do our best to reduce the load time to the shortest time possible.
  • We can’t increase the speed for the apps which are third-party resources.
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