By making it simple to connect Shopify stores with channels, YouTube is enabling content producers and companies to showcase their products throughout the platform. With this introduction, qualifying channels can advertise their goods and services, which viewers can purchase without leaving YouTube. With this Shopify to Youtube channel integration, viewers can make purchases without going to an external link, unlike earlier integrations.

Any channel that satisfies the requirements below is qualified to connect Shopify to YouTube account:

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can proceed with the procedures in the following section to connect your accounts.

How To connect Shopify to YouTube Channel
How To connect Shopify to YouTube Channel

How to connect Shopify to Youtube?

Connecting your Shopify store to YouTube is the first step in selling your products there:


You must next perform the subsequent actions in Shopify:


Next, implement the following actions while still in Shopify:

Following setup, YouTube will check your products to make sure they adhere to its and Google Merchant Center’s regulations. It is reported that it will take several business days to complete the approval process. You can choose which YouTube videos you want your products to appear in when they are authorized. 


What are the Benefits when you connect Shopify to YouTube?


If you still have any queries about the procedures to connect Shopify to youtube channel, then you can contact our Shopify experts for guidance. 


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