positive customer experience in ecommerce

Tactics to obtain a positive customer experience in eCommerce

Consumers in today’s world have a mindset of buying online with many varied forms of options. They make their decisions based on the positive customer experience in eCommerce. For this is the primary competitive differentiation for all businesses. The pandemic that has made sudden changes shifted the eCommerce continuously by spreading rapidly all over the world. Ecommerce sales are predicted to increase from $1 trillion this year to $5.1 trillion by 2026 globally.

A great positive customer experience in eCommerce aids in the development of customer relationships by enhancing brand loyalty and trust, as well as generating income by lowering customer churn. According to studies, 70% of customers prefer a company, based only on its positive customer experience.

Customers that leave and never return are a big disadvantage that does not provide great customer service. To succeed in a market saturated with e-tailers fighting for a piece of the pie, eCommerce businesses must build customer-centricity, focusing on improving customer experience to produce happy, satisfied, and loyal customers.

What are the tactics to obtain an organic positive customer experience in eCommerce 

  1. Investing in a world-class customer service team

Investing in a dedicated, human customer experience team and educating them is critical to creating outstanding customer experiences. 79 percent of consumers believe it is crucial to experience a company as well as its products or services. These specialist experience teams play a critical role in creating the customer experience.

Consumers nowadays have high expectations for their e-commerce shopping experiences. This expectation is a crucial motivator for forming a customer experience team to deliver high-quality service that meets and exceeds consumer expectations. Customers will interact with brand specialists who can assist them in handling their concerns quickly, efficiently, and effectively. 

When customer service representatives focus on being responsive and keeping a pleasant relationship with consumers, the whole customer experience improves, which can lead to more sales and allow eCommerce businesses to beat their competitors.

  1. Using technology to improve customer service

eCommerce businesses can use self-service capabilities to improve customer satisfaction by reducing friction in the customer experience. Customer service technologies that improve responsiveness and support customer experience teams free up customer service representatives to help customers with more complicated problems or difficulties.

The time it takes for a consumer to address a problem is greatly reduced when customer service is automated through a ‘live chat‘ contact channel for 24/7 customer support and the integration of a customer experience automation platform built for FAQs. This feature allows the customers to get their questions answered in a satisfactory manner.

  1. Providing free delivery to attract and obtain a positive customer experience in eCommerce 

E-tailers can enhance the buying experience by providing free shipping once a certain amount of money is spent. Most Americans expect free shipping with a minimum order of $25-$50, and if it is not provided, they will quit their shopping carts. Because the most significant drawbacks of internet purchasing is the high cost of shipping.

  1. Making returns and refunds as simple as possible

Many customers will verify return and refund policies before buying, and will not buy from businesses that do not offer hassle-free returns and refunds. Keeping customers pleased and converting them into repeat customers requires a smooth, flawless return and refund process. There’s no denying that having a simple return policy is essential for enhancing customer happiness and loyalty.

  1. Mobile optimization

In the United States, there are over 290 million smartphone users, and many of them purchase on their phones. According to Oberlo, mobile devices account for approximately three out of every four dollars spent on online sales nowadays. To support the case for e-tailers to optimize their eCommerce sites to improve the mobile purchasing experience for their customers. On mobile devices, this involves making sure websites are easy to navigate and that pages load quickly. According to Google research, if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of visitors abandon it. With more people purchasing on their phones, it’s more important to create an appealing and easy mobile experience.


Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to internet purchasing. To gain a portion of the wallet, eCommerce enterprises must take a customer-centric approach that minimizes friction in order to provide great client experiences.

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